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"I hired McKinley in a family law case after losing a custody battle. McKinley took my case and I received a fair trial and an excellent outcome. He was very professional and knowledgeable with what he does. If I'm ever in need of any legal advice or service I will contact McKinley immediately. I highly recommend him if your looking for a great lawyer!"

                                   (April 19, 2017).

"McKinley is passionate and smart!!! Anyone would be extremely lucky to have him as a their lawyer. He helped me in an attempted murder trial, when I needed research on the spot, he was the guy who got it done!!!!"

           (Criminal defense Attorney on Aug 3, 2017)

"It was a pleasure working with Mr. Augustin. He was reasonable and attempted to work on behalf of his client's best interest without making matters overly litigious."

   (Opposing Counsel Family Attorney on Jun 26, 2017)

"Personable, Knowledgeable, Capable. These are three words that describe this attorney. He will be sure to represent your interests as though they were his own."

                    (Family Attorney on Jun 4, 2017) 

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